At Chica de Gallo, we don't believe in the mass produced avocado paste that often masquerades as guacamole. We hand craft our chunky guacamole with plenty of flavor and texture. Every bite is filled with fresh tomatoes, peppers, and onions, not to mention the creamy, perfectly ripe avocado. And let's not forget the freshly squeezed lime juice. We could go on, but a taste is worth a thousand words.


Mango Pineapple Salsa

Tightrope walkers know that balance is everything. We hold that sentiment dear when making our mango pineapple salsa. Our fruity salsa walks the fine line between sweet, savory, and heat, and it does it darn well. The natural sweetness of mango and pineapple is offset by the bite of our signature pepper medley. Fresh ginger adds a unique warmth and depth of flavor. Balance is everything, indeed.


Mild Salsa Fresca

With our mild salsa fresca, you can enjoy all the fresh flavors with none of the heat. Juicy red tomatoes, crisp white onions, and sweet cubanelle peppers really shine in this delightful dip. This is the perfect treat for little ones and the more sensitive souls (and palates) of this world.


Medium Salsa Fresca

If Goldilocks stumbled into the Chica de Gallo kitchen, she would choose our medium salsa fresca. A little bit of jalapeno pepper jazzes up this salsa without making it too hot. This salsa will please most anyone.


Ghost Pepper Salsa

While we ratcheted up the heat with our ghost pepper salsa, the fresh flavors still shine through the spice. Each bite begins with the distinctive fruity notes of the ghost pepper and builds to a slow burn.  Don't worry, this salsa is meant to be enjoyed, not to light your mouth on fire.